i’m not used to not working mornings and i immediately fuck up my sleep schedule, good job bub

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haha wow stayed up too late !!! by mistake!

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gotta get to the “more followers than actual posts” stage - hint: the secret is to never post

i gain most followers by never posting, but they’re always food blogs, fitblrs, or spam (not the food)

i have more followers than people i am following omg om go omg i’ve made it as a blogger/?!?!?!??!?!

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If you just let people talk.. they will tell you what they actually think.. You just have to listen to what they ARE and AREN’T saying..

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post about googling was not about willie nelson but about more culturally relevant things

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wut’s a willie nelson ???


but apparently a willie nelson is me

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i’m sorry but if you have a question about what something is you can actually google pls i don’t have time for this

it’s been a long fucking day jfc

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Tumblr: the only planet named after its own dirt.

Tumblr: the only planet named after its own dirt.

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my mom braided my hair and i looked in the mirror and and i was like wow i look like willie nelson and she was like no you dont bt i was like

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"Girls with armpit hair are gross "

bitch have you seen guy armpit hair. Its huge. Its like an entire ecosystem. Theres lost civilizations trapped in there. Girl armpits just have soft fuzzy peach hair. Shut thr fuck up

and even if girls have armpit hair ecosystems, who’s to say that’s wrong?

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things i did at work today

  1. almost got a concussion
  2. almost got into a fight
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Gender neutral terms of sinister endearment



  1. Ghost-I-love-most
  2. Gravefriend
  3. Black Heart
  4. Blackguard
  5. Winner Sinner
  6. Brave Knave
  7. Fae-friend (alternate spellings of “fae” at your preference)
  8. Hellhoney
  9. Nec-romancer
  10. Crypt Cuddler

Take ‘em for a spin with our unusual date ideas (which may not unusual to our audience, as we have been advised many… many… many times).

So I’m gonna need people to start using these, okay?  Cool.

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Help save a 16 year-old trans girl of color from being put in a mens adult prison with NO crimes charged on her by emailing Commissioner Katz.



She has never been convicted of a crime but they want to move her to near isolation in an adult mens prison. This CANNOT happen. Here is a more in depth article: http://feministing.com/2014/04/14/how-the-connecticut-department-of-children-families-is-failing-a-trans-girl-of-color/

I put together an email for Commissioner Katz, so all you have to do is copy and paste it. Click here for the example email

Please reblog to raise awareness!

signal boost, please!

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