i had a man tell me that if a woman dresses in a way thats considered ‘revealing’ its because she wants attention from men


cause it cant be possible that i am comfortable in my body and i wish to wear whatever the fuck i want and where i want

not for your douchefuck eyes to see.

and a mans attention equates harassment, invasion of personal space, and disgusting cat calls. its some misogynistic rape culture bullshit to assume women want to be harrassed.

i proceeded to let his ass know that he was a misogynistic pervert who cant control himself and that pretty much shut him up.

I used to never wear anything revealing, even when I became confident with my body, exactly for this reason.  Because I didn’t want dumbasses looking at me. I don’t want attention, I just want to wear clothes.  

It’s not about you.  It’s not that hard.

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    I just got into a fight about this with my brother in law the other day, that is really funny… He also than tried to...
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    Wow. I love the part where a man tells me the price I have to pay for doing something nice for myself. Control yourself,...
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    I’ve been catcalled while wearing 5 layers to my ankles and it’s historical. Men say and do shit to women they consider...
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    it’s one thing to feel unsurprised by street harassment (regardless of what you wear). i’m never surprised. i expect...
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    ^^ the bold. keep yo dicks to yaselfs.