Am I too late to visit?

I haven’t had time to go back to Children’s Aid ever since I started working at the Y.  I thought I would.  I need to see it one more time, tell it how much the neighborhood loves it.

As if it didn’t know.

Only a self-serving greedy asshole would decide that this is a good place to close.  Thinking of futures and underprivileged children?  Yeah right.  Like you even care about the ones that are already here.  

Like you even know the girl who’s the youngest of five (the oldest one had a baby at 17), living with grandma because her dad died and her mom left her and her sisters in order to chase men, and she has anger and speech problems, and grandma can’t move…and this is the only place close enough to her house that can give her the financial aid that she needs so that grandma can pick her up and pay for her and her three other sisters (the oldest doesn’t go here, but maybe her child would have).  

Like you know the family with the diabetic four-year-old, the oldest son with attention deficits and violent outbursts, the middle daughter with no way to get away from it, and the mother who breaks her back working to help them get what they need to adjust to the world and fight their sicknesses.

Like you care about all of the jobs you un-created.

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  1. reedzandthings answered: this made me have the feels. along with some of the tears. Is the decision 100% final? There’s nothing to do to help?
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