To the people who just want to look at NYC right now

You say you want to be there because you think it might be “inspiring.”  

I’ll have you know that this isn’t what you think it is.  There are buildings getting hit with damage, plague rats swimming up trees, and people are actually dying here and there.  

There is no way to move around and no way to get out if you’re in a flooded zone.

There are rumors flying everywhere.

Sure, it’s “inspiring” to see whole chunks of the island disappear into blackness, but you don’t know what’s really happening in each apartment, on each square of concrete.

Do I wish I could be there?  Hell yes, I do.

Why?  Because my mom and cats are in Zone A.

Why?  Because people who said “Irene was EPIC” make me want to throw up.  The destruction they saw was tame in comparison to drowned counties, so they have no idea how quickly nature could wipe them off the face of the planet in an instant if it wanted to.

Why?  Because there’s no reason to want to be in this situation just for the experience if you’re not going to understand its full impact on the people around you.

Clean your own damn room.

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  1. queensdig said: Irene killed whole counties upstate. There were houses in trees. I know there’s more people in NYC, so more people were affected, but there was a TON of damage from Irene, too. I hope your family is ok.
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