Why I hate only working mornings

So, today I am late to work.  I call to let them know.

"Oh, it’s okay, Eddie came in early today."

Eddie works afternoons.  The shifts are longer.  The schedules are less confusing.  The work is more interesting.  This is his first year here.

Last year, I worked all day.  It was beautiful.  I got to know every single camper, and they came to trust me.  Now I only work four and a half hours (make that three and a half for today).

He’s getting paid for both his shift and my shift today.  I’m getting told to go home.

The New York Post is at it again.

Why hello there, sensationalist media and Red Scare tactics.  Will you please urge policymakers to stop heckling high school kids and their educators because of absurd restrictions?  Thank you kindly.