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High of 82, 0% chance of rain, and A’s on all of my assignments.

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A week ago at this time, I was out of surgery.  The first thing I could focus on when I woke up from anesthesia was a clock, and it was just before eleven.  My thought process was, “awesome, it’s still the morning, I can say good morning to people!”  My arms and voice didn’t work so I said good morning in my head to everyone who passed.  The one person that I was actually able to say anything to was the surgeon who told me that she would be there as they put me under and there as I woke up (which did make me feel a little better during the panic attack I had).

I walked around my whole block yesterday, and down and up the three flights of stairs to my house.  Definitely made me sweat.

Also everything is itchy as hell now…which is a good thing but aaaaghaefjgrkehrteh

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Oh…so THAT’S what it looks like.