assignment: Fill out job application for jobs in our classroom (door holder, gardener, volume controller, etc). Include your name, address, to three jobs, and the reason you chose them.
Second grader: you know, this is a lot of paperwork for a little kid.
me: unfortunately, the older you get, the more you do.
Second grader: (holding head with hands) now I know how my mom feels!

There was a fight in my classroom today

camper 1: You're a M&M
camper 2: YOU'RE a M&M
camper 1: No, YOU'RE a M&M
camper 2: No, YOU'RE a M&M
camper 1: YOU'RE A M&M
camper 2: NO YOU'RE A M&M
Counselor: If we're drawing a picture of Nick, what do we put on his face?
Camper 1: Eyes!
Counselor: How many?
Camper 1: Two!
Camper 2: Three!
Counselor: Wait a minute, does he have three eyes?
Camper 3: Yes, he has an invisible magic one.
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Talking to one of my first graders about going to DR

Student: I had to go in an airplane!
Me: Wow, how long were you in the plane?
Student: Eight minutes.
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Another day, another three-hour marathon of my kids singing Happy.

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What REALLY blows my mind is how much my students grew over spring break.  As in, they’re almost as tall as me, they’re missing a few more baby teeth, and they’ve truly become the “Almost Second Graders” that they get reminded of almost every day.

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List of Questions a First Grader Wrote About Birds

  • How do birds fly?
  • How do birds sing?
  • How do birds eat?
  • How do birds kiss?

"Wait, what does matzoh even stand for???"

one of my third graders

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Today I told my first graders that there was going to be a new letter added to the alphabet. When they asked what it was, I made sure that there was silence while I told them that it was called “April Fool’s” and one of my kids actually fell to the floor when he heard this.

woke up thinking of “let the storm ring join, the cone never bothered me anyway” and i’m almost okay with going back to work

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DIY Play Food: Click the links below for instructions on how to make your own play food.  Pictures are numbered from left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Wooden Wheel Donuts
  2. Sewn Felt Play Food
  3. Sponge Play Food
  4. Plastic & Felt Eggs
  5. Salt Dough Bread
  6. Scrap Fabric Play Food
  7. Wood Block Play Food With Labels
  8. Fabric Strawberries
  9. Wooden Bead Fruit

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"I have to tell you a secret…you look single, just like your mother."

one of my first graders

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Student overhearing that I recorded a song

Me: I'm going to be a rock star!
Him: Nah.
Me: I'm just kidding, I'm going to be a teacher.
Him: AWW YEAH!!!!

One of my students overheard me telling my co that the mix of my first song came back, and he asked if I would “bring my drum to teach us music sometime.”

Me, to screaming child: Woah, lower the volume dude
Him: Hey, I'm not a dude!
Me: What are you, then?
Him: I'm a bro.
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